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FromOverHere provides consulting services right around the strategic cycle, including: facilitation sessions, audits, training, research and report-writing. We build your organisation´s capability to set strategic vision, develop policy, influence others and manage risk.


We specialise in:


  • Thought leadership on global threats and opportunities, spotting trends, developing inhouse research on topics of interest  

  • Leading corporate strategy development, building strategic capability among senior team, and leading organisational change processes 

  • Challenging existing policy when established issues need re-examing and supporting strategy development in new areas  

  • Providing government relations advice, especially helping develop bids, advising on policy development and influencing government policy

  • Designing and establishing organisational strategic risk management processes and structures, including on corporate risk and horizon-scanning


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FromOverHere offers research and training in strategy, foresight and capability topics. FromOverHere works in strategic partnership with the following organisations to deliver expert training in various specialist areas:  


Unitas Communications

Analysing the interface between the Islamic and Western worlds – in particular diaspora, philanthropy, strategic dialogue, new actors in foreign policy, Arab Spring.


Reos Partners

Designing and promoting innovative collective action to address challenges in complex social systems – including Yemen and Gigatonne project.  


NHJ Stategic Consulting

Assessing how risk management can adapt to reflect the synchronous, systemic geopolitical risks impacting the business sector.


Die Strategiemanufaktur

Developing strategic architectures and structures to meet future challenges.